Club Penguin Times – Issue #242

Page A2/A3 – What’s Next? Adventures!

Dragons, Squires, princesses and popcorn have all been the talk of the town. Now the island’s heating up as everyone’s starting to hunt for some brand new adventures. Party planners have promised amazing and unique island adventures. Stay tuned for details and how you can help. And be on the look out for new adventures.

Page A4/A5 – Your Style Your Way!

A new Penguin Style catalog means new outfits that are perfect for fun-seeking penguins. At the Gift Shop, several penguins are planning igloo fashion shows. Get set for adventure seeking styles at the Gift Shop starting June 4.

Upcoming Events:

June 11 – Penguin Mail
June 18 – Igloo Upgrades
June 18 – Better Igloos
June 25 – Igloo Music

j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member


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