Construction At Ski Village

The Sport has officially closed down in Club Penguin! If you would like to purchase an item from the Snow And Sport catalog its now temporary located in Ski Village. Also you can pick up the free Miners Hat if you haven’t already got it:

j0sh95, Team Paintboy member


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  1. Bye bye my tue friend sport shop, well I got penguin Storm so I can still go in there YAY, but Not sure if the room will be deleted.

  2. i noticed something…

    the sign on your screenshot and my cp is different! the sign on mine starts with “W” while yours starts off with “S”. any ideas why??

  3. i can still go in to. This website is pretty awesome check out mine at

  4. Did you know that in mimo’s website the sport shop turns to an Everyday Phoning Facility? He showed it from his DS then the hq still remains in the same spot! Thanks mimo!

  5. I have something…


    Take the first letters in a row, EPF

  6. i dont know where to get agent clothes now. Can u help?

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