Email From Billybob – New Spyphone

Today i received a exclusive sneak peek from Billybob with a image of the new Spyphone that will replace the old one. Take a look:

epfspyphone1 « Club Penguin Cheats

Also the Club Penguin home page has been updated from the secret agent that appeared and picked up a spy phone to different sort of agent with a new outfit that picks up the new spy phone.

spygadgetsecretagent51 « Club Penguin Cheats

epfgadget1 copy « Club Penguin Cheats

If you look at the bottom of the new Spyphone you will see that the icon is the EPF (Elite Penguin Force) icon. Hmmm what do you think is going on? Leave a comment and let us know.

j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member


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  1. i know whats happening. if you go onto penguin storm you can acsess the new commandment room which will be the new hq and also the commandment room is run epf

  2. Awesome! Cooler agent than older times 🙂

  3. i no all that is goin to happen becoz my dad is part of the clubpenguin team

  4. We are going to become EPF agents, the new spy phone isn’t that new to people with the Club Penguin game for DS or DSi, so… Anyway, I can’t wait!

  5. What is your dads name then?

  6. I also know whats going to happen and a clue is that
    its connected to the EPF (elite penguin force) are taking over the capture of Herbert P Bear Esquire after the slight problem in veggie villain

  7. where is penguin storm and where is the commandment room

  8. i think the agent whos in the lighthouse named Cherryberry or something i heard some other blogs

  9. The name of the agent near the lighthouse is CherryBerry or something. i heard this on some other cp cheats blog

  10. wich 1 is new

  11. I think that our spyphones will be upgraded and then EPF will take over. I think everyone will have access to the command room, but only the ppl with the new game can see the upgraded 1.

  12. EPF means elite penguin force

  13. i think herbert is doing something

  14. Hey jeck out my CP cheats website

  15. This is simply amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  16. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Wow! Good Job Guys. But I think that its better that you don’t cheat or hack on Club Penguin. I told Screenhog about this. He doesn’t like this idea either. Keep playing on Club Penguin and have FUN!!!!

  18. How do we get to the new HQ?

  19. People keeps talking abut Herbert in the emf room and yeah he just a bear also they think he takes profiles wow I’m on server caribou right now in the commander room nickname is lookin678

  20. hi billybob here I know it is so exciting and all but my favorite feature is the new spyphone

  21. Want 100,000 give me your user and pass and i’ll give you 100,000 for free!

  22. want 100,000 coins?
    well your dream came true
    email me your user and pass at thats all to it

  23. want 100,000 coins?
    well your dream came true
    email me your user and pass at thats all to it!

  24. to Rumphius. you need to be 30 days old and you need to go to the phoning facilty to take the test

  25. what is you password

  26. Heyy billybob why don’t you do club penguin anymore and now disney does?? i don’t like club penguin that much now because now its rubish now that disney does it i wish you done it again 😥

  27. coool omgg oh my god x

  28. my user is dude 012 and my pass is chese

  29. wait we just go a iphone touch as our spy phone?


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