Club Penguin Hidden Message

Today i found a hidden message in the HQ on the to do list! Take a look:

If you look at the first letter of each thing to do you will notice that it will say EPF. Hmm maby Secret Agents will soo be apart of EPF? What do you think?

j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member


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  1. Good spot!

  2. OMG This looks kl Im EPF Already but now my friends can join in 😦 that was my hiding spot for hide and seek on cp !!!!

  3. Im getting a bit of tired in club penguin , it kind of never comes new stuffs ,
    Are they gonna build a new HQ anyone ho knows ?

    Club Penguin Membership Cheat :

    • I lokked at that- It is not a membership cheat and it is in a language most of the useres on this site won’t be able to read!

  4. whats EPF?

  5. I saw another CP cheat website, and it said that the HQ will turn into a EPF HQ.

  6. Why is j0sh95 the only editor posting?

  7. cool iv compleeted mission 11 so great iv also met dot and have club penguin on ds im so cool and im a girl

  8. maddyjo do you happen to be called hannah

  9. on the ladder you have to put some corn on the part where it comes down

  10. in a sneek peek i saw that psa hq will turn into epf hq

  11. tell club penguin to make a second hand shop

  12. cool see u in do you go on facebook

  13. awsome! I ALL WAYS WANTED 2 BE A EPF AGNET!!!!!!!

  14. want 100,000 coins?
    well your dream came true
    email me your user and pass at thats all to it

    • no dont do this hes a scammer a 100% pure scammer if you want coins download club penguin money maker that way no strangers get your username and password and noone can ban you

  15. who plays on rockhoppers account and wen is he comin back to cp????????????????????????????????///////

  16. i like your website with your help i can plaY CLUB PENGUIN HAPLIY

  17. Cool never saw that lol 🙂

  18. my club penguin user is dude 012 amd my pass is chese

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