Club Penguin Medieval Party Guide

The Club Penguin Medieval Party for 2010 is finally here and you are at the right spot if you want all the secrets and cheats!

Firstly here is how to get the Wizard’s Hat:

1. Open your map at the upper-right part of your screen
2. Go to the beach
3. Enter the Lighthouse
4. Head to the table to get the free item.

Now we will complete the nights quest 1, just follow these steps:

1. Use your map on the bottom left corner to go to the Plaza.
2. Go to the underground cave.

Enter into the cave and you will be taken into a room where the aim is to light up all the orbs. Waddle over to each orb and stand on the platform and the orb will light up! Once you light up all the orbs the cage door will open! waddle over and walk into it.

You now will be taken to another room and the aim is to hit the targets 50 times with snowballs. Once you hit the target 50 times the cage door will open! But before you enter make sure you pick up the free staff and shield over to the right.

When you enter into the cave door you will be taken to a room with a free Iron Helmet. Waddle over and pick it up.

Now follow these directions to make your way through the maze:
1. Down
2. Left
3. Down
4. Right
5. Right
6. Up

Now you will be at the main party where you can recieve the iron Armor Suit!

Now you have completed the Night’s Quest 1! Now to back down to the cave and enter in the Nights Quest 2 cave door!

Start throwing snowballs at the pitch forks the statues are holding. After throwing about 3 snowballs at each fire pit, it will go out, and a new path will open:

Walk through and you will be taken to a new challange. As you see there is a board with a key, and a lock on it. use your cursor to get the key to the lock, once you have done that you have opened a new door:

You will be taken to another room and before you do anything make sure you pick up the Noble Horse!

Now follow through to the cave door and you will be take to a room where a dragon will be.

To defeat the dreagon you must through snowballs into the barrel until it fills up. Once it fills up there will be a red button and it will turn green! Click the button and you will squirt water at the dragon! Do this about 3 times and you will defeat the dragon and the cave gate will open. Waddle into it.

Now you will be taken to a room where you can pick up the Dragons Gold!

You can also pick up the Toothbrush pin located just next to the Dragon’s Gold.

Congratulations you have now collected all the hidden items and completed the Nights Quests, and don’t forget you even sleighed a dragon;)

Make sure you waddle over the island looking for more cheats and secrets.

j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member,


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