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Club Penguin Times Issue #238

Page A2/A3 – Medieval Party
Explorers are needed all over the island starting May 7. Princesses, wizards, dragon seekers and knights will find much adventure and many surprises…

Page A4/A5 – Medieval Party Highlights
Knights Quest: At the Underground Pool, members can master the maze, light the orbs and unlock the secrets of the labyrinth.
Knights Quest 2: At the Underground Pool, ye exploration continues for members! Solve the puzzles and find the great secrets that ROAR inside these caves…
Pizza Parlor: The Pizza Parlor’s the perfect olde spot for friends and ye to have a giant feast!
Tree Forts: Gather your buddies and help guard the Forest!
Wizard’s Castle: At the Lighthouse, discover the wizardly things awaiting ye.

Upcoming Events:
May 14: Penguin Mail
May 14: Better Igloos
May 14: Igloo Upgrades
May 28: Igloo Music

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