Club Penguin Earth Day Cheats

Thanks to Oreo Summit for the following post:

The Earth Day party is here early! There is a scavenger hunt too! When you get done with the scavenger hunt, you receive a recycle pin and get into the Earth day room! To get all the items, follow this guide.

1st Scavenger Item: Coffee Shop

coffe cup « Club Penguin Cheats

2nd Scavenger Item: Puffle Shop

puffle food « Club Penguin Cheats

3rd Scavenger Item: Cove

barrel « Club Penguin Cheats

4th Scavenger Item: Dojo Courtyard

bottle « Club Penguin Cheats

5th Scavenger Item: Book Room

coffe bag « Club Penguin Cheats

6th Scavenger Item: Forest

newspaper1 « Club Penguin Cheats

7th Scavenger Item: Ski Village

pizza « Club Penguin Cheats

8th Scavenger Item: Mine Shack

mine barrel « Club Penguin Cheats

After you have found all of them, congratulations! You now have access to the Earth room and receive the new recycling pin!


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    plz reply if u get this!

  2. @bobbyisfun. well club is updated alot. it was the first cheat site I seen before.but it’s not really awesome any more ever since lilly many left. an other cheat site that is updated alot is it and all of paintboy’s sites are my fav.

    PS: how do you make trackers paintboy I really want to make one so I can put it on my website.

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  8. this thing is soooooooooooooooo
    cool im so happy i found all the items….
    Thank you soo much!
    i wonder why you have to
    pay for the membership
    were only little kidds and
    look at what you are doing


  9. Hi Oreo lol the party was awesome I cant wait for the next 1.

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