Treasure Book Series 8 Cheats

Here are all the hidden items located in the new Treasure Book Series 8:

1) go to the second page and click on the music note located on one penguin’s t-shirt!

2) Go to the 4th page and click on the tree located at the bottom of the page!

3) Go to the 7th page and click on the red rope barrier located in between the 2 penguins!

4) Go to page 9 and click on the dragon’s right horn!

5) On page ten click the cheerleader’s pom-pom located on the left of the page!

j0sh95, Team Paintboy member,


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  1. Umm… I am confused. How do we get these items? I really want them Plz. Tell me

  2. what is the treasurer book

  3. where is the treasure book

  4. Where is the treature book

  5. umm…….. im really confsed i really want to get these items how do u get them again

  6. people go to for cheats too
    you get them by books or codes on toys but mostly books

  7. You have to buy a club penguin toy. then you will see a coin in your Box. Get the code Eg.8324hdkdi30
    Log on cp. go to unlock items.type in code.Choose 2 items

  8. ya umm where exactly do you find this
    please reply
    they look like really cool items

  9. were are all the items in the earth day hunt

  10. plzz tell me how to get the flutterby wig on club penguin

  11. i have another hidden item that you didn’t post! click on cp on rookies red letterman jacket. you will find the blue graduation cap and black eye glasses on a yellow penguin!

  12. where do you get the treasure book from and what is it for??

  13. i want a treasure book code and send me on plzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Hey there is another one. Click on cp on the red shirt and you get something. It is on page 7,.

  15. let some members and not members get a shirt or a place to make one

  16. i have a awsome thing to say it is so secret ya dont know it the penguin storm 11.0 is out and in the medivil party how do u get the knight cloths i have seen every body wearing them or is it the treasure book where do i get the code for a treasure book

  17. how do you get the items?

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