Better Igloos Sneak Peek Update

About 2 hours ago i posted a sneak peek on the new Better Igloos Catalog which is coming out next week but i missed one item! Take a look:

So there will be a Burgundy Couch, Burgundy Curtain and a Burgundy Lamp in the Better Igloo’s Catalog Next week!

Do you like these Burgundy items? Leave a comment and let me know.


7 Responses

  1. thats alot of burgundy but i like it and where do ya get these pics? they r so kool

  2. How de heck do ya get those pics they r awsome dude

  3. disco ting

  4. what day does the new catolougw

  5. i love monkeys

  6. I Love Them!!!!!!!!

  7. I like it.It’s ok.I don’t mind….

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