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Issue #234 Of The Club Penguin Times

Page A2/A3 – Earth Day

April 22 is earth Day, and everyone is thinking of ways to celebrate and help the environment. The Club Penguin Times asked around, and many feel the room that needs the most work on is the Mine Shack. “Everyone does a good job keeping the island clean,” one penguin commented. “But  the Mine Shack is sort of rundown. No one really takes care or it. We should clean it up!” Others in the community feel a recycling center would be a welcome addition to the island but i guess we are going to have to wait until the party to find out!

Page A4/A5 – Your Igloo Your Way

A brand new Better Igloos catalog is coming to your igloo April 16. This month, match furniture to your clothes with a new range to suit the fashionable and the earth-frendly. This ground-breaking collection was made using left over fabric from this month’s Penguin Stule catalog, available from the gift shop

A furniture designer told us, “We’ve really gotten into the earth-frendly spriit. We’ve recycled lots of things to make new furniture. Like these curtains that match my shirt. I look great and my igloo does too. That’s style that makes fashon sense!” Like cristiano ronaldo’s girlfriend

Upcoming Events:

April 9 – New Hidden Pin
April 9 – New Penguin Mail
April 16 – New Better Igloos
April 16 – New Igloo Upgrades

j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member

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  1. this is awsome

  2. you are the best

  3. thx and on the top for the cp pin tracker. on meen it said :lounge. but it’s at the dock. i don’t get it?

  4. really i love monkeys

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