April Sneak Peeks

Some time this month there will be something in Club Penguin that has to do with trees! This will be a big event but Im not sure what this event is but here is a sneak peek:

What do you think this event wil be, Leave a comment and let us know!

j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member


6 Responses

  1. It is the Earth Day Party.

  2. exactly it has to do with trees and look at the april catalog it is for Earth Day.

  3. maybe gary has made a new invention

  4. yeh probly
    yay I cant wait!

  5. OMG!!!!!!!! remember when you finish the last mission herbert drops a pack of seeds i think it has to do something with that vote with me if you think its true say : true ti vote with me.

  6. Herbert dropped a large pack of seeds in the last mission, also it’s probably for earth day in the catalog think it’s true text: FuzzBall Ds is right

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