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Membership Contest

Hello Penguins

I have had over 100 people enter in the membership contest and no one has got close to winning so i have changed the contest, follow the instructions below:

To now win the 1 month membership all you have to do is email me at josh_95o@hotmail.com and tell me why you should be the winner of the 1 month membership! It must be atleast 20 words. I will announce the winner on April 6

j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member


14 Responses

  1. please visit my site here http://thecppowerwarriors.wordpress.com/
    please join my army

  2. I Sent One But Im NOt Sure If Yr Going To Get It 😦

  3. I think I should get the membership because I have been playing club penguin for a very long time. If I got the membership I would be so happy.

  4. Awesome ! Cool !

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  5. Dear Josh95,
    I want that club penguin membership because i want to give it to my friend that cant get one and hes looking for one and hes gets really sad hes been on club penguin for a long time and never got one so please be so kind and give it to me I like helping people that are sad
    Your fan,
    Mister boo1

  6. hey paintboy,were you a beta tester?

  7. U R AMAZING DUDE!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  8. Can I be on your blogroll? I put your site on my blogroll.

  9. Can I be on your blogroll? I put your site on my blogroll.

  10. This is so awesome! Thx for doin this! U rock! Oh ya and my penguin name is Aguay! Feel free to add me as a friend people!

  11. I think that I shoud get the membership because I’ve got 400,000 coins(IMAGEN THAT)!!!

  12. I think i should be the membership winner because i have thousands of coins and because i am your website’s and club penguin’s biggest fan in the world!!!!

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