New Club Penguin Times Issue #233

Page a2/a3 – April Fools Party

Welcome to the wackiest party of the year! It’s a silly celebration – where everything gets just a little bit strange. There have been some reports of trouble with doors, boxes everywhere, and places turning upside down.

Page 24/a5 – Penguin Play Awards

The ballots have been counted and the director’s chairs put away. The winning plays of this year’s Penguin Play Awards are:

Best Music: Quest For The Golden Puffle
Best Effects: Quest For The Golden Puffle
Best Set: Quest For The Golden Puffle
Best Costume: Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal
Best Play: Quest For The Golden Puffle

Upcoming Events:

Every Morning – Play Card-Jitsu
Every Afternoon – Play Card-Jitsu Fire
Every Evening – Wait For Signs…
At Noon – Drink Tea


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j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member


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  1. THE YETI PENGUIN IS HERBERT!!! if you look closely near his eyes, you can see white and THERE IS NO WHITE PENGUINS. also look at the gray poofy eyebrows!HERBERT IS BACK!

    • I no he is back for his revenge, so there might be a new misson. Happy Waddlin!

  2. i love april fools!!!!!!!!!!111

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