New Club Penguin Special Actions!

The new Penguin Style came out today right, well some of the items have special actions when you dance! Lets Check them out:

Green Hard Hat: If you wear the green hard hat and click on dance you will grow trees!

Water Suit 3000: If you wear the Water Suit 3000 and click dance you can use your hose and water, you can also do this with the fire fighter suit!

Green Face Paint: If you wear the green face paint and click wave your penguin will hold a sign saying Go Green!

Pretty cool huh? Leave a comment and let us know which action is your favourite?


11 Responses

  1. where did ypu find the greeen face_

  2. where do u get the face pait green thingy?


  4. I don’t know why all of the clothing for April is recycle-themed

  5. Hey. Wheres the green face paint. this April all of you… GO GREEN!

  6. i think the dig the tree thing is the best and i voted 4 it 😉

  7. is it possible to get the gold viking helmet in the newest cattalog on cp?

  8. please give me more coins like 1OOOOOO

  9. go to the 3 page and click the purple tyle to get green face panit 😀

  10. i think all them are good 😀

  11. the green face paint is on the page with the two dancing penguins search on the dance floor thats where i got it

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