Easter Scavenger Hunt Sneak Peek

As you may know each year Club Penguin has its annual easter egg scavenger hunt. You must search the island and find all the hidden eggs! Once you find them all you recieve a free item. Some of you may be wondering what the free item will be this year. I am 99% sure that this years free item will be the bunny ears simply because every other year the free item was bunny ears! Take a look at the image below:

Pretty cool huh? What colour do you think the bunny ears will be this year? Leave a comment and let us know.

j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member


53 Responses

  1. yellow

  2. i am 73% sure there will be brown bunny ears this year but the other 27% of me says that there wont be a scavenger hunt after all

  3. i think it should be yellow

  4. I think the bunny ears will be yellow

  5. orange because the new puffle this year was orange

  6. purple obviously because they did boy colors first and now girl colors

  7. orange bunny ears!

  8. I totly think orange because the new puffle was orange

  9. red

  10. Orange

  11. hi umm i really think u should find a cheat where ppl that didnt get the 2007 bunny hat easily!!!!!

  12. i think they are gonna be orange cuz of teh new puffle

  13. I think…
    * purple
    * yellow
    * orange

  14. 1% of me says that there will be a red bunny ears, 50% of me says that there will be brown ears, 40% of me says that there will be yellow ears, and finally I think that 9% will white ears!

  15. I got a feeling it will be red this Im 99% sure!
    1% brown so im looking forward till then

  16. I think ti should be YELLOW!
    I think ti’s just an instinct that everyone thinks it should be yellow…I think it matchs the “colour pattern” lol

  17. i think therl be yellow or white ears

  18. orange!!!

  19. I think that the bunny ears wil be the colour yellow !

  20. Hmm i think it could be red bunny ears, yellow bunny ears , black bunny ears, or it could be some other bunny item like the green bunny slippers/pink or there could be a new bunny slipper like blue bunny slippers.

    Well i think it will be another bunny ear hat

  21. its white this year

  22. Well i dont think orange but i think theres a chance of yellow – thats an easter couler just like blue green and pink!


    oh well i cracked the ears ill buy some more

  23. i think it would be white

  24. ya i think its going to be orange because of the orange puffle!!!!!! cant wait to see

  25. i think they r going to be orange because of the new puffle!!!! cant wait to see

  26. I think theren going to be yellow But I think they should be orange its my farvorite color

  27. i think purple coz its my favorite colour and they havent done tht colour yet so hopefully it will be

  28. Yarr. I think it will be a red bunny ear.

  29. oraannggggeeeeeee

    orange tottaly

  30. orange tottally

  31. Hi this is an awesome help is there going to be an easter egg hunt on club penguin? Please tell us!

  32. either yellow orange or purple.
    i dont think they want black or red.
    then again these cp ppl are crazy.

  33. If you want to know what our hat may be in April, please send me emails about them at support@clubpenguin.com. The clour of the bunny hat for 2010 will be yellow! Hope you enjoy this comment!

    • Dear Club penguin,
      can you tell me when is the party going to be active….. Because it’s’ still the april fools party……. please reply 🙂

  34. Good morning, Happy Easter 2010!!

  35. WHEN IS THE PARTY GOING TO BE?????????!!!!!! 😦

  36. i think it would be black

  37. i think it will be purple or red

  38. when does the scavenger hunt start???

  39. When are they gonna do the egg hunt?? I think it was always before the april fools party, wasn’t it? I’m so confused…

  40. orange i am pretty sure orange

  41. I think the bunny ears will be orange because it’s a bright colour like the others

  42. cp,, im a member and i cant do any member things at all? whatcan i do?

  43. light yellow like in the easter m&m pack their is light blue pink purple and light yellow like all the colors of the bunny ears!!!

  44. i think the color is purple becuase last years bunny ears were pink !

  45. when is the easter egg hunt starting? (weird!)

  46. the bunny ears could be red!

  47. I think itll be orange red or yellow

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