Club Penguin Red Sneakers Item Sneak Peek

Hello Penguins

Today i noticed that on the Club Penguin online store the Red Basketball Player plush toy was wearing unreleased red sneakers that may become a item in Club Penguin soon!

Hmm, I wonder if these sneakers will become an item in Club Penguin? What do you think?

j0h95, Team Paintboy Member

Also can you guys please click here and vote for me? Thanks heaps


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  1. i really want to have a code PLEASE

  2. Its Frankys Shoes he has red sneakers!

  3. cool have you got any secrets in the puffle catalouge ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I hope so that would be awesome


  6. hmmm… i think they will and they might like give it out if you have the right passcode thats on the plush or something…. you gotta admit the only reason people made clubpenguin is to get money… but its still fun and your site rocks!!!

  7. By the way when will the next Penguin of the week contest be? P.S. Show us a sneak peak of the easter egg hunt ok? P.S.S. Can we be buddies?

  8. I think it will become a clubpenguin item(red sneakers) because it is something to do with clubpenguin.

    – Quat1

  9. i think the easter free item will be a yellow bunny hat.
    i really hope the red sneakers will be on CP.

    Keep on waddling, friends of CP!

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