New Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #232

Today is Thursday which means there is a new issue of the Club Penguin Times – Issue #232. Check all the news below

Page A2/A3 – Penguin Play Awards

This is the final week of the Penguin Play Awards  and the countdown to discovering this year’s winners has begun. Voting ends March 28 so cast your ballots! The winner of Best Play will be featured at the Stage March 30! for now, the show is still going strong as glamorous penguins walk the red carpet at the Plaza. There is excitment everywhere.

Page A4/A5 – April Fools Party

Rookie, a very funny penguin, made an important announcement this week about an event the begins April 1. On April 1, things get a little silly when the annual April Fool’s Party is in town. During this celebration the lawas of physics don’t always apply. Rooms turn upside down, boxesflood the island, and everything goes topsy-turvy.

Page A6/A7 – Underground Areas Here To Stay

There’s good news for explorers! The The under-ground areas are officially open for good. Along with the Mine Cave, the mysterious Hidden Lake is also open, but it seems the Underwater room is locked. There are some reports of member penguins finding the key. Questions remain.

Upcoming events

March 26 – New Pin
March 26 – New Igloo Music
March 30 – Winner of best Play on at the Stage
April 1 – April Fools Day Party
April 1 – New Penguin Style

j0sh95, Team Paintboy member


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  3. please help me find the key to the mine pool

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