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New Club Penguin Magazine

Today Club Penguin has released a magazine with all the latest Club Penguin Gaming Tips and Tricks, How to Play the Card Game, Card and Toy Price Guide and much more…. How cool is that!

This magazine is only $9.99! How cheap is that. Im defenetly buying myself a copy! Are you?


22 Responses

  1. hi

  2. hi

  3. awesome! i love club penguin (and i also love webkinz and neopets)! where can u buy this magazine?

  4. where can you buy it?

  5. not bad! where do you get it?

  6. Yeah, sounds cool. Where can I get it??

  7. Awesome! I didn’t know about this thanks a ton! =)

  8. Sounds so cool where can i get it!!!

  9. Good price!!! Where do i get it?


  10. Good price!!


  11. could I have lots of coins please.

  12. cool i hope that they release a club penguin tv show on the disney channel

    • i don’t know if there will be a tv show on disney channel but it would be cool if there was a place where you could actually record your interviews(or whatever kind of show you want to perform!) and send it to disney and other people could watch it there!

  13. what are u guys talking about

  14. hi vist eny time love lilly

  15. where do you get it?


  17. tell me where to buy it please

    thank you

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