New Club Penguin Newspaper Issue 231#

Today is Thursday whish means there is a new issue of the Club Penguin times! Issue 231#

Page a2 – Lost Puffles need Your Help In The Mine

crowds of penguins answered the call for help when a new game was launched to help lost and stranded puffles in the Mine.

That crowd continues to grow, and it looks like it may be here to stay. “Those puffles can’t resist exploring the caves,” said one rescuer. “And as long as they do, we’re gonna make sure they’re safe.”

Page a4 – Penguin Play Awards

At the Penguin Play Awards, penguins will be asked to vote for their favourite plays in a variety of categories. Here are the top five play nominees and a bit about them:

Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal

When the city is threatened by a giant monster, superheros Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal must fly into action and save the day. But can they stop the terrible Squidzoid

Ruby And The ruby

When a priceless ruby goes missing, it’s up to jacques hammer to investigate. Can he solve the case, or has Ruby, the mysterious lady in red, lost her ruby forever?

Fairy Fables

Enter the magical world of twee and enter her mismatched fairy tales. Prince Redhood has some croissants with Grumpunzel’s name on them, but can he sneak past the Big Bad Wool?

Search For The Golden Puffle

Join expert treasure junters, Alaska and Yukon, as they search for the legendary Golden Puffle. Giant boulders, rampaging mummies, and hungry alligators are only the beginning of this dynamic duo.

Underwater Adverture

fiesel and Daisy are two explorers looking for adventure. They het the ultimate chance when they meet a Mystic Fish, who agrees to lead them to a hidden underwater city…

Upcoming Events

March 19: New puffle Furniture
March 25: New Pin
March 26: Igloo Music
March 30: Penguin Play Awards

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