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Club Penguin March 2010 Penguin Play Awards Costume Trunk Cheats

Here are the cheats for the 2010 Penguin Play Awards Costume Trunk:

1) Open to the first page and click on the trophy

1) Go to the 3rd page and click on the first D on the Underwater Adventure title on the right side of the page

1) Go to the 5th page and Click on the vs. on the left side of the page.

j0sh95, Team paintboy Member

7 Responses


  2. thx!!

  3. where is the Mummy outfit???!!!

  4. Wow the penguin awards are super cool!
    Thanks for the cheats!!! This is my first penguin awards and I’m SUPER excited!!!!

    Waddle On!!!!

  5. hey wats up with the trackers i go where they tell me to but the person is never there.

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