New better igloos, and pin

Hey everyone, its your good bud Alex BL 17 😉

We got some sweet new stuff, and some sweet new cheats! We will start it off with catalogs. We have the new better igloos! We also have a new igloo upgrades, but it’s got the same old cheats… Anyway here are the cheats!

On the first page, click the small rock for the shamrock garland, and the top of the stump for the shamrock balloon. On the next page, click the skis for the snowboard rack! And on the last page, click the stone couch for the , portal box, and the stone lamp for the Hd television!

Other than new catalogs, We got a sweet new pin! Go to the Night club lungem then walk over to the chair. There, You can reciev the new Boot pin!

The new pin is better than other recet ones, in my opinion. Do you agree? i Think new pins cqn be rather lame, but hey, whos arguing!

The new Igloo stuff is also pretty cool! I cant wait for saint patricks day. im part irish. What do you like out of these new Club penguin items? Please comment your thoughts!

~Alex Bl 17- team Paintboy member~

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