Puffles Gone Missing

Just recently all the Puffles on Club Penguin have gone missing! They have disappeared from the Night Club, Rockhoppers Puffle and the Puffle at the stage and they have all gone to the hole at the mine.

Also on miniclip there is some advertisment on a new so called Club penguin game called Puffle Rescue!

Ok here’s what i think is going on:

Back in january when the cave expedition took place there was a desk in the main room. Take a look

That same desk was in a sneak peek of herbet planning something to do with mission 11

I think that herbert is in the cave now some how getting the puffles into the cave and he is using them for one of his schemes! Now about what everyone is saying that there is a new game coming called puffle rescue. I believe that there is no new game coming but there will be a new mission called Puffle Rescue and it will be your job on rescuing the Puffles from Herbert.

What do you think?


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  1. i think herbert is using puffle-nip(cat-nip for puffles)

  2. i agree with you paintboy100 and also my penguin name on clubpenguin is adh13. if you see me send me a friend request.

  3. QRpw1t Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

  4. awesome job! CP did say something about a new game…good detective work! In Waddle Squad, Herbert did want to do something with puffles…hmmm…but what are the seeds for?

  5. uh i agree nice find about the desk but there is a new game comming cp said so

  6. Dude, let me knwo if you want any other authors, i might be interested!
    Nice blog btw.

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  8. i think its true good thinking

  9. Is friv fun?

  10. how to play a game?

  11. how to play that game?

  12. how to play a game

  13. i think so 2 ppl that Herbert IS tryin 2 steal our puffles!


  14. COOL!
    That’s a good idea!
    Can’t wait!

  15. I agree and disagree with you. I think there will be a mission and a game where you will be saving puffle.

  16. you know in clubpenguin in the newspaper it said Rockhoppers puffle is missing does anybody know where it is.If you where it is just NOTIFY ME FOLLOW UP COMMENTS IN MY EMAIL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Very Nice Prediction There Is Probably No New Game Like That But I Agree With Ya Paintboy The New Mission Is To Save Puffles Probably

  18. I know where yarrr is the mine get a jack hamer and get digging

  19. Page 9 – Sometimes Page 35 – Misses Page 38 – Scavenger
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    Page 64 – Fishing Page 65 – Storage Page 71 – Seats
    Page 71 – Musical Page 73 – Search Page 75 – Tossing
    Page 77 – Buying Page 101 – Donated Page 117 – Jerseys
    Page 118 – Squads Page 140 – Breeze Page 141 – Combined
    Page 143 – Secret Page 154 – Arena Page 155 – Queen
    Page 156 – Small Page 169 – Start Page 171 – Annual
    Page 175 – Crown Page 176 – Item Page 179 – Penguins
    Page 182 – Actions

    2. Codes for “The Club Penguin Stowaway Adventures At Sea” Book:
    Page 6 – Mysterious Page 7 – Rockhopper Page 21 – Migrator
    Page 25 – Yarr Page 40 – Waterfall Page 52 – Deck
    Page 80 – Penguin Page 177 – Puffle

    3. Unlock Codes for “The Inventor’s Apprentice”:
    Page 5, 5 words from the left on line 10 – Good
    Page 5, 4 words from the left on line 3 – Board
    Page 6, 7 words from the left on line 14 – Extreme
    Page 7, 7 words from the left on line 17 – Where
    Page 8, 7 words from the left on line 4 – Round
    Page 6, 5 words from the left on line 17 – Plans

    4. “Secret Agent Handbook” Unlock Codes:
    Page 5, 4 words from the left on line 18 – Decides
    Page 5, 6 words from the left on line 9 – Give
    Page 5, 4 words from the left on line 2 – Matter
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  20. dont forget at the and of the previous mission herbert left behind a bag of seeds
    maybe hes is using it to lure the puffles

  21. hi everyone!
    club penguin is so good!!!
    even a person that is maybe 80 years old goes on it!
    i love club penguin so please go on it even if your not a member

  22. at iceberg is party for rochooper came now

  23. i think that their will be a new mission called puffle rescue aswell where there is a plant that puffles cant resist and herbert is luring in all the puffles with it . that is what i think the seeds were for.

  24. Hey All!!!

    Has any1 met rockhopper or aunt artic or candence?

    I really wanna see him!

  25. I ❤ This


  26. no dur sherlock theres a new game

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    thx lots
    waddle on cp!!!!…..or should i say guys!
    plz plz plz pritty plz post!!!!!!

  28. Oh, and Rockhopper is leaving his Puffle behind known as Yarr!?!?!?! And wat if we find Yarr and Rockhopper is gone?!?!?! HUH?!?! UHH poor Yarr and Rockhopper!

  29. i cant find puffle resque can u put it on your ewb site how to gat there ?

    FOR EWAN2712

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