Rockhopper, and New penguin style!

Hey everyone, Its Alex Bl 17! Rockhopper is here! YAY! The free item is another background… BOO 😆 ! Anyway, the other items for members are pretty cool! So go to the ship hold, and check it out!

Now for the March penguin style! Go to the gift shop, and then either walk to the changing room, or click the catalog picture in the bottom right! The cheats bellow are new, but you can click the other two links to look at the penguin style, or see the other cheats (both links are part of this website)

Click here to see the rest of the cheats!

Click here to see the new penguin style!

Now on a more unrelated matter, puffles are begining to crawl into the old construction zone in the mine! Be sure to take out your jackhammer, and dig them out!

Well, Dont worry paintboy, I didnt leave out your tracker. You can track Rockhopper right here. It is pretty acurate, Trust me!

Good luck finding him everyone! Thats all thats new in Club penguin, So until next time…

Waddle on!

~Alex BL 17- Team paintboy member~

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