New series 7 treasure book, Rockhopper closer, and sneek peek!

Hey everyone, Alex Bl 17 here! Club penguin released the series 7 treasure book! Just go to the following pages for the following cheats:

Now on an unrelated matter, Rockhopper is getting closer…

Lastly, There is a new sneek peek to the Penguin play awards coming this march…

I cant wait for Rockhoppers arrival- he is a lot of fun, And  I cant wait to see him! Will you be unlocking series 7? i Know I really want to1 Please comment any thoughts you have on any of these subjects!

P.S. Rockhopper is coming on Friday so be sure to keep checking the Rockhopper Tracker on for rockhoppers location!!

~Alex Bl 17- Team Paintboy member~

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