2010 Snow Sports Catalog Cheats & New Wagon Pin

Hey Penguins,

Club Penguin just released the new 2010 snow sports catalog and also the new february 2010 pin… The Wagon Pin!!!

You can Click on the following catalogs and Pin’s For the Guides on how to get the secret items and find the club penguin pin:

Click on the catalog above for the new cheats in the 2010 snow and sports catalog

Click on the above pin for the guide on how to find it

Hopefully all these new club penguin cheats for 2010 help you guys out!! I like the new snow and sports catalog cheats a lot haha!

P.S. Rockhopper will be arriving on club penguin this Week!!! Check out the working Rockhopper Tracker on penguincheatscp.com for rockhoppers location!!

For guides on all the club penguin cheats for the new catalogs and information on how to find the new hidden pin for february 2010 check out http://penguincheatscp.com


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  1. i hate the new catolog we had it last year

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