New Issue Of The Club penguin Times Issue 225#

Hey guys today is thursday which means there is a new issue of the Club Penguin Times, Issue 225#. Check all the latest updates below:

Puffle Party Coming

Attention all puffle owners, prepare for a party of powerful proportions starting February 19!

The Puffle Party is one of Club Penguin’s most popularcelebrations, and party planners are working hard to make sure this year’s is awesome


The Bamboo Forest

Starting February 12, a new play begins at the stage. And it’s inlike any you’ve seen before. Discover the Secrets of the Bamboo Forest

The Bamboo Forest is home to many amazing creatures, including a daring Monkey King.

Join the search to find the legendary Golden Feather. But be ready because this quest will take you well beyond the stage…


Secret Revealed

Did you know that there are hundreds of different secrets around the club penguin island? secrets big and small are everywhere!

This Weeks Secret: Imagine if you will… a dimension filled with boxes. To reach this super secret topsy-turvy place, you’ll need to find a portal box.

Visit other penguin’s igloos, or purchase your own swirling purple portal from the Better Igloos catalog.


Upcoming Events

1: Bamboo forest stage play. February 12
2: New Igloo Furniture. February 19
3: Puffle Party February 19
4: New Puffle Furniture. February 12
5: Next Pin Hidden: February 12-25

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