February Puffle Party Sneak Peek!

Hey penguins

Today on the Club Penguin Whats new page there was a sneak peek of an unknown event coming to Club Penguin somtime this month!

Last February there was a Club penguin puffle party and the picture above looks the exact same as the dock in last years party so im 99% sure that this month the Puffle party will arrive again and the dock will look like this:

What do you think???


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  1. kwl!

  2. I hoob that returns what think you wandt previous year were that also nice

  3. cool il bring my puffle little maddy shes black and LOVES to
    party as much as i do.

  4. Hi my club penguins name is Idfo im well known follow me!!! Add me if u see me im friendly!! Im famous i promise and i dont want haters… I cant wait for the february catalog to come out im excited new puffle furinure and puffle party!! – Idfo p.s. im a girl!!

  5. Woo hoo! I’ve never been to a puffle party so I’m stoked. Paintboy100 and friends rock! My CP screen name is Jennifer621. So, Peace!

  6. Wow! I can’t wait!


  8. Hey this is so not true how did u find out and get that pic??

    • Because ive been going on club penguin for 3 years now and the puffle party room at the dock has never changed and i took that image at last years party

  9. will there be a white puffle thing?

  10. that means there might be a new puffle too!

  11. i bet it will look a little diffrent but kind of the same

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