HUGE UPDATE – TeamPaintboy Just Launched Beta Forum

Hey Penguins,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we just launched our new forum in beta mode TODAY!! To celebrate the launch we’re also giving away some free CP memberships to random members who sign up and also to the top referring penguins ( more info about the referral contest on the forum )

Anyways it’s finally open for registrations so join today and join the chat. I’m also going to be on for most all of the day and as much as possible so if you want to chat club penguin or talk about cool new cheats or anything you should check it out. (you can also win free club penguin memberships just for being a member or for referring more people)

Well enough talk, check it out!!!
Club Penguin Cheats Forum



2 Responses

  1. Awesome!!! Im gong to sing up today ill be there!

  2. The new forum is AWESOME!!
    It looks sweet and YOUR actually there and talking to people!!

    I signed up and started getting referrals to so i might win a club penguin membership

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