New Cave scavenger hunt!

Hey everyone,  Alex BL 17 posting! There is the new update in the mine, and I would be more than happy to show it to you! Well first, You can either go to the mine, or click the signs either in the town or plaza.


When you arrive at the mine, Y0u may notice a small box. It has some hard hats! Remember to pick one up!

Now enter the cave, where you may begin the scavenger hunt! Here are the directions:

You must drill in one of these places:

you will collect pices to a pin then:

Then finally, claim your prize-

Now you can enter the cave to the right! Enter there, and there is another cave!remember to pick up your divers suit! Then you can enter, Underwater!! Take a look at this pic:

Now that you are underwater, receive the background on the ground:

Remember to try the snowball powered lights in the cave- Well then everyone, Thats all!

~Alex BL 17~

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