New Sneak peek- Inside the rock slide!

Hey everyone, Alex Bl 17 here! Club penguin released a new sneak peek for whats going to be here when the rock slide clears away! Check it out:

Very cool! It looks like some kind of machine- thingerr- mo bobber. I have no clue! What do you think? Please comment your thoughts- We would love to know!

~Alex BL 17~


17 Responses

  1. I think it is Gary’s newest invention. I think this new invention involves creating eletricity for seomthing may be to power something new. Another one of Gary’s new inventions? I think this be because there is water everywhere in the picture andthere are many light bulbs.

  2. idk

  3. but I think that but only members can then mischien also not

  4. I think it is an adventure wonderland

  5. it must be Herbert

  6. i bet it sommat to do with new mission

  7. Maybe Its a New HQ

  8. i think its sumfing 4 aussie day??????

  9. can non members go in too?

  10. can i post here?

  11. how do u know that that is what is really behind the rock slide

  12. maybe this has something to do w/ a new mission…?

  13. HEY, Alex BL 17 i think its a new place or its for the next party plz email me at and tell me whats happing bye,
    Waddel on,


  14. brill a new room or is it we will find out soon Yippie!



  15. awesome! i wonder if there will be a secret catalog?

  16. What Do You Think It Does? It Looks Strange

  17. cool that looks freaky

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