New pin, Igloo upgrades, better igloos, AND rock slide OPENING UP?

Hey everyone, Alex Bl 17 here! Club penguin has the friday updates ready, And I am here to post them. So lets start with the new pin. It is located at the iceberg. Its a puffer fish.

Now, Lets take a look at the new better igloos catalog. It has some “solid stuff in there. Sha’ll we take a look?

Very cool! Now lets take a look at the new igloo!

Now finally, The Rocks in club penguin are beggining to fall! Here is what its like:

Well, The box dimension is coming back- Its one of the cheats. Maybe it has somethign tot do witht he rocks lide? Please comment your thoughts!

~Alex Bl 17~


4 Responses

  1. nice

  2. Thats the water dojo

  3. Paintboy the box demition is always there! what were you talking about it is coming back?! where did it go?!

  4. Box dimension…. Are you sure about that because im sure thats only avaliable in the april fools party….
    Anyways if the box dimension thingy is true can you keep us updated… Thnx

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