New igloo upgrades sneek peek

Hey everyone, Alex Bl 17 here! Club penguin released a new post today revealing a new igloo upgrades sneek peek. Would you like to see it?

what do you think? It looks like a tree, or a cave. Speeking of caves, they also said to look out for some yeti caves…. Mysterious!!

~Alex Bl 17~


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  1. today is tuseday so

  2. The prehistoric igloo catalog comes on Friday, 15 January.

  3. hey how do u add pics onto ur website

  4. this is my real name on cp can you put me on a tracker plz thx for speeking to can u reply

  5. hi this is my name on cp can u make a tracker for me plz i would apresate it thx nice to talk to ya

  6. there is gonna be a mine party so its a cave igloo i think

    ~Yasminlama x

  7. i love your website if only thieer was a day every thibng was free and no memmbers

  8. how do u cheat

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