New Club Penguin Servers

Today Club Penguin added 9 new servers to Club Penguin! They are Berg, Cloudy, Cozy, Fog, Mountain, Sled, Slippers, Sparkle and Cabin! Take a look:

This Year Club Penguin will be adding more servers regually because Club Penguin Is getting to over populated, But it’s a good idea because it’s giving everyone a chance to play, instead of waiting for a certain server to get less populated. What do you think about the new servers?

Do you Like these server names? If not what do you think are some good names?


12 Responses

  1. I got a server idea it could be called valcanoe , snowcone, Breeze hope u like them

  2. If this isnt taken yet it should be polar cap

  3. I saw a giant squid once when I was playing Aqua Grabber!!! Now I’m scared!

  4. aaw slippers, just what you need when it’s cold eh???

  5. wow i like the new names thx for the cheats Alex D Great

  6. do you update your blog?
    I wnt to check out the newspaper the other day and it was from November 24!

  7. can you plz put my website on your site so people can come on to my site plz

  8. Awwww Slippers you will be needing lose a lot on club penguin I also love cozy how did you pick all those cute names?

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