Club Penguin Fireworks all around the Island!

Hey guy’s,

after 24 hour’s of delay club penguin finally released the updates! ( The catalog’s, the new pin and the FIREWORKS )!! lol, Shall we take a look at the firework’s? Ok!

Firework’s at the Ski Hill on Club Penguin:

Firework’s at the Iceberg on Club Penguin:

Awesome decoration’s for the start of 2010! and i almost forgot, happy new year’s for everyone and paintboy100!



5 Responses

  1. Dude… uh, we already posted about them…

  2. yeah umm theres no fireworks around the island now.

  3. hey how did you do the moving stuff?

  4. i dont see any fireworks

  5. emmm just so you know those SWF files have no fireworks…

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