Weird Club Penguin Glitch

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Edit: The fireworks are now back up again!

Hello Penguins

I was just waddling around on Club penguin and i found a glitch

Glitch 1: Before when i checked out the fireworks at the mountain and the ice berg i they looked pretty cool right? Well now for no reason the fireworks at the mountain have gone!

Do you think Club Penguin very behind and thats why they are doing so many things wrong?


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  1. Hey, can you post the invitation please? Thanks! 😀

    • Sorry That would be breaking the rules for this site! What about if i post it on

  2. Can you post it on that site, and still put “Click here for Cdecker81’s 100,000 Hits Party” at the top of every post on this site?

  3. Well its because club penguin only has the fireworks up for new years day only im not sure about new year s eve…….did u check it the nxt day?

  4. did my comment go through?

    • yep

      • yo paintboy100 i need a glitch to unbanned myself if u have a unbanner i just need to get unbanned plz help me i need help if u tell me to go to contact us and press geniral questions tht is never going to work i tryed to do it two time the first one never worked and now i tryed it two days ago…….or yesterday and now i need help i hope the yesterday or two days ago….works plz hope for me

  5. Yay comments can go through now! I love Paintboys site 🙂

  6. I think that club penguin is to behind on to many things I hope they catch up I really want to see more of those fireworks 😦

  7. i noticed that 2

  8. dear josh95 mayby it was time for the firewerks to be over

  9. i want a member but the member does not finish plc

  10. i want a member but the member doesnot finish plc

  11. I think that even if they r behind that means that they will make sometin up. Like they’ll blame it on Herbert

  12. every body was so so so pissed off wene they thaought wene there was o fire works and no new catlogg you shoulve saw

  13. Your rude guys. They did it late because they werent working! They were on vacation! I called the day it updated and they said ‘ Sorry for the wait penguins! We werent at the snow covered island becuase we were off celebrating! Sorry for the wait!” So stop being rude give them a life.

  14. sup wasup!!! what the hek were u thinkin yo???cp rules more than you you know!!really gosh i would die to still pplay!omg seriusly!! even after im named bannana nah nah nah its so better then urs and i mean it even tho i dont no ur name mine is so much better!!! 😀 !im so happy i let my feelins out oh and right now im eatin banannas! i even have my own show on you tube called bananna nah nah!!! do u couse really my parents are so like totally nice!!!

  15. well the fire works are back now but that was sucky!!

  16. That did suck, but now the fire works are back!!! 😀

  17. yer we wish club penguin is not a member game who is with me pepol

  18. look out for me on binweevils james read it man i am carl8 on binweevils and cat67137 on club penguin

  19. hey reply if you love clubpengun

  20. i loveed the fireworks!:)

  21. look out for me my name on clubpenguin is Ninjaboy 700

  22. who u do this site i cant find anything differnt then wat i already no!!!!!
    help me!

  23. I think there will be Something due to the new mission
    A new room.
    The “crash” room from EPF.
    A new mine game.

  24. i need an unban cheat cuase someone hacked my account and banned it for 24 hours and im a member b its expires in a little plz help me

  25. I think clubpenguin is just slacking. Like the parties last year. I don’t think any of them ever stopped on time. I blame disney.

  26. Hack into there account and ban them

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