Full water dojo sneak peak!

Hey guys, I found some really exclusive water dojo sneak peak! I know  Alex bl posted about this but I have a few more pictures! I really like it becuase its blue!

I think card-jitsu water will be the best but as its christmas I think club penguin should have done card-jitsu snow!

~brwoers~ 😉


12 Responses

  1. Awesome im so excited cant wait!! i like the fire dojo but i play it way to muck\h!.

  2. wow i did not no ther would be a water dojo

  3. me neither

  4. wow ur dumb

  5. This Rulez

  6. where did ya get the pic?

  7. ur stuff sucks

  8. when will they let penguins use it

  9. I didnt see it even though im a fire ninja

  10. what abot snow dojo

  11. What about snow dojo?

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