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Epf could be comming to Club Penguin

Hi guys, Check what I found! I think this is a really exclusive pictures! Epf could be comming to club penguin. Check out the pictures! Do not copy or your site may be shut down πŸ˜‰

Looks cool, doesnt it! I think we may be able to become EPF agents on club penguin and earn badges and rankings! πŸ˜€

I found a silver and gold badge. Also I think I have an ice badge pictures! I cant wait for these to come to cp! This my be fake but if you remeber the robot peices scattered around club penguin where in and EPF mission so could that be a link to each other???


Drop a comment πŸ˜‰


One Response

  1. Hi there I got EPF for Christmas and once you become an EPF agent go to HQ on Club Penguin (not EPF). Go to the cupboard and you will enter the EPF HQ. Waddle on.

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