Club Penguin Style Catalog January 2010 Item Spoiler!

As you may now that the new style catalogue is coming january 1st and i just managed to get a exclusive sneak peek of what one of the items will be! Take a look:

It’s a Green Shirt with a Blue Disco ball. It looks like the theme in this catalog might be music. If not music, Possibly just tons of random new stuff! I’m really excited to see what else appears in the catalog! Will you buy this shirt when it comes out next week?


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  1. Hey guys if you want this image without the watermark email me at and ill send it to you but you have to give me credit. in the post that you use the image write image by j0sh95 from

  2. HI

  3. How do you find out future clothes before it comes out??????????????????/

  4. well i might buy this shirt as long as u show 1 more girlie girlie thing cuz that is more guyish so pls and then i will buy

  5. coolio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS AWESOME

  7. the catolog didn’t come out today the 1st of january : [

  8. Hey thanks paintboy you are awesome. email me at

  9. this site is AWESOME

  10. Hey everyone. Why has the new clothing catalogue not come out yet? It was scheduled to come out today, but it has yet to appear. If someone could clear this up for me, it woul be appreciated.

  11. club penguin lied the catologe is not coming out!!!!!

  12. yo yo yo guys that shirt is awsome and i bet everyone else will agree with me on that wont you guys…?

  13. i love your website its so fun if you know me on club penguin shelby0512 you should know i cant go in the closet at HQ and im your biggest FAN!

  14. Awesome! Maybe the member party will happen again. I didn’t get to meet cadence so i want to this time! (if it is the party again)

  15. wow a new catolog and a new ninja hideout thats awsome txns Paintboy!

  16. on the december catalog why hasnt it changed

  17. it is still not out yet…im not freaking, but other ppl r rofl

  18. how do u un ban you penguin if tho it is banned forever please help me!!!!!!

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