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Club Penguin Quest For The Golden Puffle Cheat’s

Hey guy’s,

Today the new play came out called: Quest For The Golden Puffle. Check it out:

First check out the swf.

Now check out the secret’s:

This is mostly the same as last year. Now let’s check out the Costume Trunk:

In this whole catalog, there’s only ONE hidden item, here’s how u find the Crock and Flail:

1. Click on the red book on the bottom right
2. go to the first page and, click on the golden puffle

Cool play, Do you guy’s like it? I kinda like it, but, its the same thing as last year! Comment and let me know what you guy’s think!


2 Responses

  1. you are dumb!
    and what…shake it!
    ha ha ha!
    only joking!…
    so what do you do?

  2. Umm, why are you calling me dumb? i dont understand what your saying

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