Coins For Change Results!

From December 11 until the 21st Everyone in Club Penguin had the chance to donate coins that they had earnt into the donating booths that were all over the island! There were 3 causes that you could donate for. They are Kids who are poor, kids who are sick and the environment. Those donations to kids who are sick, kids who are poor and the environment served as votes to determine how a $1 million contribution is divided up amongst some valuable projects:

Kids who are poor – 33%

  • $165,000 Canadian dollars will go to a nutrition program to feed thousands of malnourished and at-risk children in Haiti.
  • $165,000 Canadian dollars will support a peace centre to educate 20,000 young children displaced by war and conflict in Sri Lanka .

Kids who are sick – 31.5%

  • $157,500 Canadian dollars will help pay for critical health care and treatment programs for impoverished children in Haiti.
  • $157,500 Canadian dollars will go to build a health clinic in Kenya.

The environment – 35.5%

  • $177,500 Canadian dollars will be invested in programs to educate and encourage children to protect the environment and wildlife in Indonesia, China and South America.
  • $177,500 Canadian dollars will support scholarships and educational programs focused on protecting the African wild dog, the elephant and the snow leopard.
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