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Club Penguin Chistmas Party 2009 Cheats

Hello penguin

Finally the Club Penguin 2009 Christmas party of 2009 is here with some awesome and exciting things you can do and enjoy all over the island!

How to get the santa Hat

  1. Go to the map and go to ski village
  2. Walk over to the box with the santa hats in it and pick one up

How to get the Snowman pin

1. Click on the map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Ski Village.
3. Go to the Lodge Attic.

4. Click on the Snowman pin.

How to get the santa Suit

1. Go to the town and go over and click on the scroll

2. Once you open the scroll click “Go There”

3. You will be taken to the dance lounge. walk up the stairs
4. When you walk up the stairs you will be taken to santas sleigh
5. the sleigh will take off. there will be a red button on the sleigh. click the button at the right time and it will drop. you have to drop the presents into the chimneys of the igloos
6.once you drop 15 presesnts into the igloos you will be able to recieve the free gift
What do you think?
All images and text belong to http://j0sh95cpcheats.wordpress.com and are not to be taken without permission

11 Responses

  1. If you go to the HQ it is finally decorated!! and some of the TVs are dull, and some are not. do you think it means anything?

  2. wow cool thats great you missed the pizza parlour if you go there click on the plate you get pizza,crums,or pie

  3. when does Santa come to your igloo it said on comic the 18 December huh it past Santa did not come to my igloo check out the ride that’s on club penguin if you want to go .go to night club go up the steps then up the steps again if the ride is full wait then go back up stairs then you will be on the ride if you can not find the ride you can go to town and you will see a note click it and go up stairs on the ride you can deliver gifts on the ride and dance thanks for reading this merry Christmas and a happy new year before i go its 5 days to Christmas yo bye x x x bye bye bye

  4. the satna suit is only for members 😦

  5. hello seen the new ride if you want on it you will see a poster saying Santa sled click it then go up the steps and you will be on the ride if it says room is full well wait then you can go on the ride . go to town then you will see the poster

  6. hello if you want to know how to go to the ride

    1 go to town when you see a poster click it

    2 go up the steps you see

    3if it says room full wait

    4 then go up the steps

    5you can deliver gifts

  7. cool but every knows about that

  8. blalabla pendejo

  9. COOL!

  10. For some reason your blog won’t let me comment on any of your older articles

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