Club penguin times issue #218!

Hey guys, Alex Bl 17 here! The new club penguin times is here! Here is every page of it!

There is all of it! Boy- I cant wait for the christmas party- I-AM-SOO-EXCITED!!! I got an early present too- a baseball glove- lol! well thats all that needs to be said for now, so until next time- waddle on~

~Alex BL 17~


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  2. Nice Post! And awsome site too! Does Paintboy still post? Visit my website

  3. WOW but we can,t just figure out our self and cheating is not fair but whatever

  4. COOL but cheating we can,t just figure it our self? i want to know that but if you feel like cheating go ahead i just want to know how does it feel if somebody use there penguin and they said a bad word and the he or she got banned thats not fair i just want to know is it true that you get banned?

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