Party today!

p>hey peepz! As you know this club penguin cheats site is the best and that it is becomeing more and more popular. I have decide to hold a party for paintboy100 and the new arthors on this site. This is a specail event which wont happen very much so comming would be really cool. As I was saying…. I really hope the new arthors like yankymetro and Gwami can make it! Also the main person I wish to come is paintboy100. I hope you can make it paintboy if you are reading this post! This is a free event and come and party with me and hopefully the arthors and paintboy100

If you can not read the invite here it is

Time : 12:00 pst (penguin standard time)

Server: sherbet

date : 14 december

Place: dock

Please come and have fun!! ~browers~

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  1. dear paintboy
    i was very very upset as you did not show up to you party
    could you tell me why?
    reply plz

    browers: He did not turn up probably becuase he didnt have time. Read the invite please!

    • i was in school

      • YO PAINTBOY!

        plzplzplzplz read this comment im your no.1 fan!!

        i luv u and was wondering…

        would you be able to make me a header exactly like yours but with me instead?

        plz! it would make my friends so jealous and it would make me faint lol

        if you need any pics or anything just ask i really need to do up my blog

      • me too so i missed it 😦 can you make a party after 3:00 next time?

  2. commen on my blog please

  3. then why did you make the party and say u would be there?

  4. this is good information but iym not alawd own yoochoob

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