New Mix & Match Series 6 Toys!!

Hey Guy’s!

Today i was searching for club penguin toys and found come series 6 toys! check them out! they are awesome:

Viking & Surfer Dude Mix n Match Figure:

Club Penguin Figure Skater And Hockey Player:

Club Penguin Xmas Series Elf (Raindeer) And Santa Plush:

Awesome! cant wait to see the series 6 book! and the ones i just got today are the santa one ( thats the one i took a pic of it) and the cadence and dance mat toys! i will maybe have a contest on or at (My site). Check back for other new’s!



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  1. where we can buy that??????

  2. u can buy it at toys r us, wal mart, target, or in canada or UK if not go to the club penguin site and order them! it might come with coin code!

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