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Rockhopper Is Almost Here!

Rockhoopper is now sailing really close to the Club Penguin Island and it looks like he will be here just in time for the Christmas party!

rockhopper tracker

What items do you think he will bring with him?

7 Responses

  1. i think he will bring presents and decorations because see his ship! CHRISTMAS THEME! last time he came he had a plant theme

  2. I hope it’s not the christmas scarf again!!

  3. What if he brings a new pin or he gives away his puffle NOW THAT”S KOOL!!!!!!!!!

  4. What if he brings a new pin or his puffle that’s orange!!!! NOW THAT”S KOOL !!!!!!!!

  5. I heard he is bring and item were it’s a bucket for your igloo, and you can donate coins! A Coins For Change Donating Party 8)

  6. i love Rockhopper because he always brings cool stuff and is very kind

  7. so cool!!!

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