New member’s sled ride login screen!

Hey penguins, Alex Bl 17 posting! Club penguin made a new log in screen today, with some details on the members only sleigh ride! Check it out:

The christmas party will be here december 18th, so lets all be ready, espeacially you members who are looking forward to the sleigh ride 😉
Thats all I have to say for now, so until next time, waddle on!

~Alex Bl 17~


5 Responses

  1. unfair
    im not a member!!!

  2. Wow i wish i would win the contest!

  3. does it matter which server it is on ? and where is it on the map? is it on the ski mountain?

  4. i know i cant wait its so cooooooooool

    im a member called mason casey

  5. can iplease have 300000000 pound on club penguin please

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