Party for paintboy

hey peepz! As you know this club penguin cheats site is the best and that it is becomeing more and more popular. I have decide to hold a party for paintboy100 and the new arthors on this site. This is a specail event which wont happen very much so comming would be really cool.

As I was saying…. I really hope the new arthors like yankymetro and Gwami can make it! Also the main person I wish to come is paintboy100. I hope you can make it paintboy if you are reading this post! This is a free event and come and party with me and hopefully the arthors and paintboy100

If you can not read the invite here it is

Time : 12:00 pst (penguin standard time)
Server: sherbet
date : 14 december
Place: dock
Please come and have fun!!



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  1. Hey thts totaly sweet dude i make3 vidz i would totaly come but i can srry but ill try : P PEACE!!!


  2. Browers, people in the USA are at school then. Change the date?

  3. Browers, On this date americans are at school. Can you at least make it on like a saturday?

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