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New PlayerCard Update Coming Soon!

Hey Penguins,

Today i logged on to club penguin and saw my buddy Jrox2900, I wanted to where he is so i pressed the find button and said this:

Jrox2900 is in AN igloo, it used to be THIER igloo, this means that the updates are coming soon! and i logged on to club penguin yesterday and they made some mistakes, i opened my player card and saw this question mark thing right next to the my penguin head, to the right look:

Wierd, right? that question mark wont be there now cuz it was only once, this means that the updates are coming soon! and this is NOT A EDIT. This might come when christmas party is here! we will see later in a few days!



9 Responses

  1. That question mark was editted in. You can see where the color changes abnormally.

  2. How do these

  3. hey pepele please buy me a member ship
    and il pay anthing user name is mousey 2002 pass word saffron

  4. i wanna membership free

  5. i wanna memebership free

  6. Wow! Did you try clicking the question mark?

  7. Hello, I entered your contest and I just wanted to wish everybody else who entered good luck and this website is awesome. Rock on!!!! lol I’m on clubpenguin right now if you see me add me im Feeonson and everyone plz tell your friends about me cuz I wanna work my way up to being a famous penguin!


  8. it has always said ‘in AN igloo’ when they are in someone elses igloo that is not theirs or yours. say you were called tinkerbell and your friend was called dom – if they were in your igloo it would say ‘they are in your igloo’ – if they were in their igloo it would say ‘they are in their igloo’ – if they were in say theo’s igloo it would say ‘they are in an igloo’ . it has always said that.

  9. When I used Become A Mod Cheat that usally shows up 😛

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