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Club penguin christmas party update!

Hey guys, Alex Bl 17 here! Club penguin made a new post today about the christmas party! Here is what they said:

Hello Penguins!

 The big Christmas Party will go from December 18th – 27th and we wanted to show you something that we hope you’ll like…

What do you think? We’ll have more details about the party soon!

It’s pretty busy on the island – Everyone seems to be getting geared up for the holidays! Check out what’s coming up this week:

Coins for Change will begin – start saving!
New Postcards – with a Christmas surprise!
Rockhopper arrives with the Treasure Hunt game!
New catalogs – Holiday igloo stuff!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team
WOW! I cant wait for the christmas party! Hopefully we all get to have a good time! Well i got to get started on my homework so until next time, waddle on!
~Alex Bl 17~

7 Responses

  1. i am gonna give one million coins for cions for changes

  2. Mafia is in

  3. Mafia in

  4. I’m excited too for the Christmas party, and if anyone knows that there is some ‘Perfume Bottle’ pin, plz reply.And u no wot? I got over 2 LAC coins!!!!!! I’m gonna donate 10,000. Well, that’s pretty kind!

  5. Your the best new Author here Alex Bl 17

  6. hi penguin suport i want to know some people in thier igloos have got christmas trees and i do not have any of them
    where do you get them

    from carmen kern

  7. Visit my my site if you got problems to decide what do give to your family, friends or pets!

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