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New Club Penguin Times Issue #216!

As you no todays Thursday which means theres a new Club Penguin times. Issue #216. Here is important updates.


Coins for change + Rockhopper

On December 11, Captain Rockhopper’s back on the island! His arrival kicks off the annual Coins for change event. Coins for change gives penguins the chance to support important causes. Each year, Penguins flock to the donation stations to give their coins to help kids and the environment

Last Year Captain Rockhopper showed his support by bringing a special version of his tresure hunt game. This year, he’s promised something new. I have no idea what he’s Bringing this time but is sounds like hes got big plans….


Christmas Party Coming

On December 18, the Christams Party is coming to Club Penguin – and it’s sure to be one of the biggest parties of the year!


Secret of the week!

And the secret of the weeks is ” When speaking to sensei at the Fire Dojo, try clicking on some of the things you see. Sensei may offer to explain what you’re clicking on , he may even comment on the puffle you’re walking, or certain things you’re wearing!”


What do you think?

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